Fresh wind for Rheingau Riesling/Fresh wind and tradition

To hear it described as “old nobility from East Frisia” and “owning the estate since 1818”, you’d never guess this family was producing top-quality contemporary wines in the middle of the Rheingau region. But strong fresh winds of change are blowing through the cellars of the wine estate at Knyphausen, with its eighth generation of owners: Frederik zu Knyphausen and his team are using the knowledge of vineyards and cellars garnered over centuries to produce modern-style, classically elegant fine wines from premium grapes. The latest stroke of genius is called “knyp” and is a prime example of Riesling from the Rheingau with its perfect harmony of palpable residual sweetness and subtly acidic structure. Even the estate itself, the Draiser Hof, regularly changes its tune. Driven by the family’s second passion, music, Frederik’s brother Gisbert organises the annual “Heimspiel Knyphausen” music festival that shakes up the old estate and gives people the chance to experience the wines literally with all the senses. Could there be any better way to combine tradition, family and modernity?