Weingut Polz

From the best Styrian vineyards

Brothers Erich and Walter Polz run the wine estate around the Grassnitzberg in Southern Styria, founded in 1912 on the principle that “we’re only satisfied as long as things keep improving”. With numerous top awards, the Erich & Walter Polz estate is now one of Austria’s leading wine estates. The brothers took over their parents’ vineyard around the Grassnitzberg in the late 1980s. They now manage 108 hectares of the best vineyards in Styria, covering the Grassnitzberg, the Hochgrassnitzberg, Obegg, Theresienhöhe and the Czamillonberg. The geology of the soil, lots of sunshine and well-distributed rainfall provide almost perfect conditions for viticulture. “Our priority is to offer high quality at fair prices in every category. Our top wines are anything but ordinary. They have a distinct emotionality and authenticity, with the signature of each individual vineyard.” say Erich and Walter Polz.