VDP.Weingut Georg Mosbacher


The Mosbacher has “the good fortune to be able to cultivate wines in the best sites in the Palatinate”. The estate has 20 hectares of vineyards in the village of Forst on the German Wine Route. Everything about this terroir is special: its soils, the slopes, the climate between Haardtrand and the Rhine plain. Sabine Mosbacher-Düringer and her husband Jürgen Düringer are the third generation to run the estate. “All we can do is support the terroir, and we put heart and soul into it” says Sabine. The wonderful Rieslings are the result of their intuition, personal commitment and experience: Wines of crisp minerality and pure fruity tones. The vineyards are managed in line with certified ecological winegrowing guidelines: No herbicides are used, beneficial plants and insects are protected, fertilisers only used following examination and testing of the soil, and vegetation is planted between the rows of vines. The particular strength of the estate is its Riesling wines which thrive in the superb world-renowned vineyards of Forst and Deidesheim to gain their unique flavour.

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