Champagne Mailly

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Champagne Mailly Grand Cru is a story of a remarkable adventure inspired by a privileged terroir. This success story is outstanding even for a region long famous for its outstanding wines. Champagne Mailly is named after its home village Mailly. Just 17 of the 319 villages in Champagne current have Grand Cru status. The grapes, which are produced in Mailly, are rare, expensive and reserved for the best Champagne cuvées. Champagne Mailly is the only Champagne estate that sources all of its wines from Grand Cru sites. The individual parcels of land face in different directions and vinification is separated to ensure a varied selection of top quality wines. After the First World War came the 1929 crash, plunging the economy into a depression. Despite this, a group of undismayed wine growers decided to seek their fortune and founded the “Association of Mailly Champagne producers”. This laid the foundation for Champagne Mailly Grand Cru. Between 1929 and 1965 the wine growers built a kilometre-long chalk cellar on their own. The Grand Cru vineyards of Champagne Mailly are still owned by just 25 families. The Champagne Mailly Grand Cru estate is in the heart of the La Montagne de Reims Nature Park and extends for around 70 hectares. It is used exclusively to grow the two fine Champagne grapes Pinot Noir (75%) and Chardonnay (25%).