Bidoli Vini

Top-quality classic grape varieties

Bidoli’s unique proposition is evident at first glance. The chimney of the old brick factory housing the ultra-modern wine cellars soars high up into the skies above the Friaul. This combination of tradition and modernity is not just evident from the estate but from its wines too. The Bidoli estate was founded by Alessandro Bidoli in 1924 and has been in family ownership ever since. Brother and sister Margherita and Arrigo Bidoli are the third generation to run the estate and make wines that only such a symbiosis can provide: elegantly styled wines with extremely fruity tones. The cellars were built on the premises of a former brick factory. Covering 5,000 square metres, the name of the wine cellars is “Fornas dei Fradis” (siblings’ brick oven). The old chimney (Briccolo) is now the estate’s trade mark. Parts of the historic building, which dates back to 1890, were rebuilt. The former brick firing chamber is now where the barriques are stored. There are multi-year contracts with many grape suppliers from the region. Arrigo spends a great deal of time inspecting the vineyards to ensure quality is maintained.