Barone Montalto

Sicily’s top wines

Sicily is one of Italy’s largest and oldest wine growing areas and is famous for its fine wines. The fascinating richness of the region combined with the Sicilians’ notorious passion is reflected in every drop of these Montalto wines. “Ammasso” is a traditional Sicilian method of processing wine, these days only used for the best sites due to the high levels of manual labour involved. The grapes are hand-picked and transported in small baskets with a maximum capacity of 5 kg. They are then left to dry for four weeks in their own “fruit chamber”. After fermentation the wine is aged in wooden casks for eight to ten months and in the bottle for several months. The Passivento® method starts by letting the fruit dry partially on the vine and then fully in the “fruit chamber”. This results in wines with a characteristic full, intense aroma and the flavour of ripe fruit with a rounded, lingering body.