A wine tour through France


Approximately 3000 Châteaus offer wine tastings in Bordeaux – absolutely no problem to visit again and again and there’s still something new to discover!


Burgundy surely is one of the most famous wine-growing regions of France. It also lends its name to some of the world´s most popular grape varieties: The Pinot-family containing pinot noir, pinot blanc, chardonnay etc. which has its origin here.


There’s almost no other place in the world that represents a sparkling moment such as Champagne – which is not only because of the stunning landscape, but also due to their most famous product: champagne.


Enjoying wine with an ocean view – the coast of Languedoc-Roussillon extends along more than 240 km and offers ideal climate conditions for wine and its lovers.


The most exquisite castles are lined up like pearls on a string along the Loire. Travelling there is not only a pleasure because of historical preservation, the gentle hills and vales grow outstanding wine as well.


The fragrance of lavender and thyme, together with the most beautiful sunsets and an excellent glass Rosé de Provence – pure pleasure for all the senses.



And finally a dance at the Pont D’Avignon: A 200 km journey starting at Vienne leads through one of France’s oldest wine-growing regions, going past many famous Appellation Controllées such as Côtes du Rhône.