Premium wines from Lake Garda

The Villabella wine estate, founded in 1971 by the Delibori and Cristoforetti families, lies between Lake Garda and Etsch in the heart of the Bardolino region. The estate exemplifies the owners’ serious purpose and competence along with their commitment to sustainable development for the future that is pioneering in this region. The result is wines that are the perfect expression of this region’s enormous potential and authenticity. The Villa Cordevigo has been the heart of Vigneti Villabella since its opening in 2011. The idyllic location alone, harmoniously embedded in the landscape amidst the surrounding vineyards, reflects the estate’s environmental agenda: viticulture that is in harmony with nature and maintains the natural balance. The vines are cultivated here with complete dedication and the greatest of care. They produce premium wines that are quite rightly the pride of the estate.